Saturday, August 25, 2007

Batch 2000 (ICSE)

jun 3,2006
2000 batch gettogether at pizza hut


Anonymous said...

hi, hemant
i have seen d pic of the get together of d 2000 batch at pizza hut. hey do u know dat i would have been in the same batch had i continued in TIMPANY. I had left after std 4.i was in section G.
hey is the chinese guy by any chance BITFI. Iwould like to here from you and our other batchmates.

vaidehi said...

Hi All,

I studied in Timpany School, Asselemtta, Waltair R.S for a few years from 1963 to 1967. I had to leave Waltair due to my father's posting. I dropped in once, to visit my batchmates in 1972 when they were in ISC. I now want to reconnect with my batchmates after thirty nine years!! Am not so technology savvy as I am 54 now! Can some one well wisher amongst your group help me? my email id is It would be miracle indeed if you can help me do this. I am on face book as well. Thanks...Best, Vaidehi